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Our Program

Cajamar Innova’s programmes are designed to help and support business projects through their different stages until they become profitable, dynamic and sustainable businesses. To this end, Cajamar Innova has a wide range of services and professionals available to entrepreneurs in an environment of co-creation and technological innovation.

High Performance Acceleration Programme

Early stage startups or entrepreneurs: Startups or entrepreneurs with ideas developed in an MVP, with the need to validate their MVP and their business model.

Startups: Must be legally constituted. Own technology and that already have a validated product and business model and have even made their first sales. Have a multifunctional team.

Scale ups: Must be legally constituted. It must have a well-defined business model, with a portfolio of established clients and, therefore, with recurring sales. Own technology. Have a multifunctional team. Have own production capacity or well-established suppliers.

Objective: Help startups grow and accelerate sales.
Stage 1
4 months (The first phase provides support, mentoring and practical knowledge to help start-ups grow and make an impact. At the end of this 4-month phase, companies will deliver their business plan and pitch to strategic partners, potential customers and industry leaders).
Stage 2
4 months (The projects selected at the Pitch Day will have the opportunity to carry out a pilot with Fundación Cajamar or a strategic partner of the programme, and the companies will be prepared for the investment phase. In addition, the possibility of carrying out a validation test of the technology in Cajamar’s experimental centres will be considered for those projects that are not selected to develop a pilot)

2 Cajamar Innova Campus, each of 3 days, in person. These trainings will include a day to get to know the Cajamar Caja Rural Ecosystem, where training will be given on Scale Up, Growth Hacking and Agile methodologies, although Design Thinking and Lean Startup techniques will also be covered. The startup will receive various training sessions  where they will work on sales techniques, inbound marketing strategies, learn about agile project development, identifying and developing product improvements, scaling strategies and investor relations.


Specialised and renowned mentors and advisors, both in business and technology, who will help the entrepreneurs with a personalised work plan to promote their project. Each project will be assigned a lead mentor (tutor) who will follow the development of each participant throughout the programme.