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Cajamar Innova

High-tech water and agritech business incubator

A way to make Europe

We support entrepreneurs and companies in the development of new projects to address global water challenges.

Join our community and become part of the Cajamar innovation ecosystem

We share knowledge and technology to face together the challenge of guaranteeing access to water in sufficient quantity and quality.

For Cajamar, as a benchmark for cooperative banking in Spain, innovation has always been a strategic value. We offer specialized financial solutions, but we also promote the generation and transfer of knowledge and technology that promote the modernization of our productive fabric.

Cajamar Innova arises with the objective of providing entrepreneurs with ways to transform their ideas around the use and management of Water into competitive services and products, which favor the generation of value and employment and sustainable territorial development.

What we are looking for

We want to identify innovative technologies and ideas that can transform the water sector

We are looking for innovative entrepreneurs and startups that provide real solutions to water challenges If you feel identified with the following profiles, this is the perfect place to develop your project.

Teams with a creative spirit

Teams that are constantly creating and imagining innovative solutions to every-day or complex problems.

High impact disruptive technology solutions

Innovative projects
High potential for growth
International projection

Specialisation areas

There are many technological challenges related to the sustainable management of water resources, which need to be addressed across different sectors: agricultural, industrial or urban. These include:

Water circular economy


(Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, Digital Twin, Blockchain, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality)

Management and governance

(Policies, Regulations, Awareness, Education and Training)

Water resources

Water quality


Remote sensing
Monitoring equipment
Watering and fertilisation
Leak detection
New materials

Energy and environment

Renewable energies
Energy optimisation
Water/energy storage
Water footprint
Vertical farming

What we offer

We offer full support to entrepreneurs, providing the help they need at each stage of the project development (proof of concept, validation of prototypes and pilot projects, first sales and scale-up).

We provide infrastructure, resources and technical and technological support to entrepreneurs. We help them develop and validate their projects in real-life environments, identify niche markets and facilitate access to funding. We want them to turn their ideas into tangible and viable projects.

Our own acceleration model

We offer our own model for accelerating business projects that integrates Cajamar’s strengths in the field of innovation:

Almería, the perfect place

Almería is the best place in Europe for turning water-related ideas and projects into business success stories.

We are experts

We have been working to improve water use efficiency since 1975, and now you can benefit from our experience and knowledge.

Validation of prototypes and pilot projects

Access to Fundación Cajamar's innovation services.

Cajamar’s innovation network

An opportunity to become part of a large, diverse network of contacts where networking and collaboration is encouraged.

And also…

Co-creation space

Collaborative space with the necessary resources and infrastructure to develop your project.

One-to-one support

Throughout the entire life cycle of your business project, from conception to scale-up.

Blended-learning programmes

Available online content to facilitate access wherever you are.

Specialised mentors and advisers

Recognised-standing mentors and advisers who will help you launch your project.

Specific training programmes

With business and technology workshops.

Market access

We facilitate your contact with potential clients.

Funding and investment

Support when searching for funding and investment.

Zero equity

Fundación Cajamar has no equity in your business.

Other services

Access to different services that will contribute to your business’ development.

Post-programme support

We won’t forget about you. After the programmes, we will continue collaborating with you.

Innovation services

We provide infrastructure, resources, technical and technological support from our research centres, in order to validate your prototypes and pilot projects.


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We offer beneficiaries fully equipped facilities to develop any project within the water field.



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Our programme

Designed to help and support business projects during their different stages, until they become profitable, dynamic and sustainable businesses.

We are part of the network of “High-Tech Incubators for promoting innovation and technology to micro small and medium businesses” promoted by Fundación Incyde and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for up to 80% of the Multi-regional Operating Plan 2014-2020 on axis 3 – Improvement of SMEs’ competitiveness.