Innovation Services from Fundación Cajamar

Fundación Cajamar offers Cajamar Innova and the businesses and projects participating on their programmes the infrastructure, resources and technical and technological support from its two research centres for validating prototypes and pilot projects:

  • Test area for risk technologies
  • Test area for water treatment technologies
  • Laboratory for analysing water, ground and plants
  • 3D Printers
  • Electronics and multipurpose workshop
  • Pilot plant for producing micro-algae

Laboratory Services for analysing water, ground and plants

Water analysis

Nutritious solutions, draining water, suction sounding lines, wastewater, water from industrial processes, etc.

Analysis of the ground’s chemical properties

Nutritional characteristics of all macro and micro elements in all their ionic forms, etc.

Analysis of the ground’s physical properties

Texture, apparent density, moisture retention curve, water conductivity, infiltration speed, structural stability, etc.

Ground quality analysis

Total carbon, easily oxidable, active fractions of organic matter, total and easily removable glomalin, total nitrogen, antioxidant ability, etc.

Water microbiological control

Pathogenic determination through rapid determination kits for fungus and bacteria.

Water treatments

Analysis of pathogens’ microbiological parameters, BOD, COD, volatile and total dissolved solids, and heavy metals’ contamination by ICP-MS quantification.

Advice on the validations’ planning and interpretation of the water-ground and water-plant interaction.


The services mentioned will be delivered at the following facilities:

Research Centre Las Palmerillas

Located in El Ejido (Almería, Spain), this centre has 14 hectares, of which 2.5 hectares are for greenhouse crops (27 units) and 8 hectares for fruit tree crops.